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Lirik Lagu I Love You 3000 Dipopulerkan oleh Stephanie Poetri: Baby, Take My Hand I Want You to Be My Husband

- Jumat, 22 Juli 2022 | 06:46 WIB
lagu I Love You 3000 - Stephanie Poetri (Instagram @stephaniepoetri)
lagu I Love You 3000 - Stephanie Poetri (Instagram @stephaniepoetri)

KABAR RAKYAT - Lagu I Love you 3000 ini dipopulerkan oleh penyanyi cantik Stephanie Poetri, yang merupakan anak kandung dari penyanyi Titi DJ.

Stephanie Poetri perempuan kelahiran Jakarta, 20 Mei 2000 dan kini sudah berusia 22 tahun.

Berikut lirik lagu yang berjudul I Love You 3000 yang dipopulerkan oleh Stephanie Poetri.

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Baby, take my hand
I want you to be my husband
'Cause you're my Iron Man
And I love you 3000
Baby, take a chance
'Cause I want this to be something
Straight out of a Hollywood movie

I see you standing there
In your hulk outerwear
And all I can think
Is where is the ring
'Cause I know you wanna ask
Scared the moment will pass
I can see it in your eyes
Just take me by surprise

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And all my friends they tell me they see
You planning to get on one knee
But I want it to be out of the blue
So make sure I have no clues
When you ask


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